Reliable Hosting Services

The Key to Seamless Mining Operations

Don’t have the space or infrastructure to run your ASIC miners? No problem!

We offer secure and reliable hosting solutions in state-of-the-art data centres. Your miners will be housed in a controlled environment with 24/7 monitoring, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime. All our mining farms are thoroughly verified by our team.

A dedicated team of technicians are always on standby to provide maintenance and support for your mining hardware.
Our goal is to keep your miners running smoothly so you can focus on maximizing your profits.
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Cost Effective

Data centers typically have access to cheaper electricity rates which can significantly save you money on your monthly power bill.
This provides a cost-effective solution for digital asset miners, allowing them to maximize their profits while minimizing operational expenses.

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Peace of Mind

ASIC miners are very loud, by hosting your device, you could avoid the hassle of the loud noise.
Since mining farms also employ security protocols, including surveillance systems, access controls, and restricted entry, they safeguard you against theft and unauthorized access.

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Reduced Downtime

Miners may have issues in software and hardware that could hinder the mining performance.
Since you do not monitor your devices 24/7, you may not be aware of these issues.
However, your host will monitor your device for you and ensure it is performing at an optimal rate.

High-Performance Mining Devices

Trusted Mining Devices for Superior Results

We stay ahead of the competition with our wide range of mining equipment. From ASIC miners to GPU rigs, our high-quality equipment ensures exceptional performance. Get durable hardware that meets your mining requirements and unlocks optimal results.

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to provide you with the latest and most efficient mining hardware based on your budget and hashing goals.

Mining Grid License

The Spot subscription package gives you access for offers to buy BTC mining power(buying mining devices), buy Speed Mining, reserve a Spot place in Mining Grid (NFT ID), unlock access to multiple software and wallet services, monitor mining performance, dedicated technical support, and access to the education center, including Crypto and Chill e-book.